Moep Library  2.0
Moep library

The Moep library (libmoep) is a network injection library. It features the MOEP802.11 and MOEP802.3 protocols as well as the IEEE802.11 and IEEE802.3 protocols.

libmoep also allows for frame injection on 802.11 monitor mode devices with per-frame radiotap options such as TX rate, MCS index or RTS/CTS protection. Some of these options require small patches of the mac80211 subsystem of the linux kernel or the device specific drivers. However, in recent kernels, most of the common options are already available out of the box.


libmoep depends on:

If you use a git checkout you also need the following dependencies:


To install libmoep you can use the following commands:

    make install

See ./configure --help for details on the available parameters. For example you can use --prefix=DIR to specify the installation prefix or --enable-examples to build the example programs.

If you use a git checkout you must run the following command first:

    autoreconf -fi

Linux drivers

A lot of functionality of libmoep requires some patches to the mac80211 subsystem. This version is known to work with kernel versions from 3.9 to 4.8. Other versions might work as well but are not tested.

You can find appropriate patches for each kernel version in the patches directory.


See the bundled html documentation (also available at for a detailed description of the functionality.

To link your programs against this library use pkg-config or -lmoep.

Where to get the latest

libmoep is available at